JuJu Devils
JuJu Devils is an NFT, and your passport into JuJuverse, an NFT game built on the Solana blockchain. As part of the Play-To-Earn metaverse, it will not only provide players both new and seasoned with opportunities to unearth treasures that can be converted in the real world, but also help us with our mission: To create a gaming experience that’s both high quality, and enjoyable.
With the rise of blockchain gaming recently, our gamer-senses tell us this is the new blueprint of the gaming ecosystem. Naturally, this means significant changes within a well-entrenched industry, and we’re rising up to the challenge. In fact, we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to be able to share something we’re truly passionate about.
Our aim is to also create the game so it supports the player-centric ecosystem, and to this end we’re running economy simulations of ‘tokenomics’ for in-game currency and rewards in order to determine the most sustainable method of distribution.
With the help of your 8000 JuJu Devils which will belong to one of 6 factions (see Tribes for more), you’ll be able to claim incentives by facing battles and quests as you progress through the levels. You can also grow your Devil fam, all the while building your alliances as the community expands.


Aiming to be the leading Play-to-Earn metaverse game on Solana while providing the users a unique experience and bringing innovation into the Web 3.0 space. As per the current roadmap, the game release will be in Q1 2023.
The game will have a higher cause - that is "Breaking Boundaries" which will be applicable for the real world. We are hoping to extend our Corporate Social Responsibilities of the organization through this. More on "Breaking Boundaries" in summoning mechanism.
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